• 100% Analog

  • Low Noise Circuit Design

  • Dynamic Response

  • Picking Response is highly sensitive

  • High Distortion Tones

  • Exclusive Fuzz

  • Can be used with 9V Center Negative  or 12V Power Adapters.

Thanks to our illustration artist Selin Çınar for this great view. (https://www.instagram.com/axstone_)

Bass+ Switch: By targeting low-mid and upper bass frequencies, It makes the sound more powerful specifically in chords and arpeggios.


Notch Switch: It makes a low Q notch filter active in mid frequencies and helps you get a modern rock tone.

F-Nation, is a low noise distortion pedal which is capable of many different tones with its switches and knobs. It is designed to give you classic distortion and fuzz sound on the basis of Jimi Hendrix's guitar tones. Fuzz knob acts as a dry/wet control and sets the octave fuzz level in the sound which is firstly drived by gain knob so that without changing the level tone can be set. 


  • Input Impedance: ~800k ohm

  • Output Impedance: ~900 ohm

  • Current: ~25mA 

  • True Bypass

  • Power Input Voltage Range

    • Center Negative, 9-12V​ DC

    • Center Positive, 12V DC


If you use an adapter with center positive plug, power adapter's output has to be 12 volts.  In that case, the pedal will regulate and lower the output to 9 volts. If you use an adapter with center negative plug, then the pedal will not change the voltage but we strongly advise to use power adapters or supplies with the output ranging from 9 to 12 volts. Otherwise your pedal's warranty may be voided.

In the memory of the nomadic folks who had dedicated their life to fuzzy tones and  spent their time searching it planet-by-planet.